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TorqueL is 2D rolling and extend platformer. This version is prototype.

Notice: Unity Web Player says Error in everytime, any browser. I don't know how to fix this error. If you want to play TorqueL prototype then, Please check below links. Cheers,

Prototype Download Available on PLAYISM and Steam (and Others).

If you want to get "Product Version of TorqueL", then please check below.


  • 2D Box Man Player Character
  • 15 Stage / Chamber
  • 1 Secret Goal
  • [Recommend] Playing with Xbox 360 Gamepad

Controls( Xbox 360 Gamepad / Keyboard )

  • Left stick / Left&RIght Allow key - Rolling a box
  • ABXY button / WASD key - Extend a box
  • Left/Right trigger / Shift key - Slow-motion

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