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TorqueL is 2D rolling and extend platformer. This version is prototype.

We revealed "TorqueL" produce website TorqueL.net.

Prototype Download Available on PLAYISM and Steam.


  • 2D Box Man Player Character
  • 15 Stage / Chamber
  • 1 Secret Goal
  • [Recommend] Playing with Xbox 360 Gamepad

Controls( Xbox 360 Gamepad / Keyboard )

  • Left stick / Left&RIght Allow key - Rolling a box
  • ABXY button / WASD key - Extend a box
  • Left/Right trigger / Shift key - Slow-motion

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@nanimosa / facebook/nanmo.nanmo

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Published3 years ago
Tags2D, mac, pc, Platformer, Puzzle-Platformer, unity, win
Player countSingleplayer